About Us

Our history in the Staff Vetting Arena

Since our founding in 2015, National Vetting Solutions has experienced tremendous growth within the Security Vetting industry sector.

We’ve become a trusted supplier of Staff Vetting and Pre Employment Screening Services and a leader in providing managed vetting solutions and services for our clients throughout the UK.

Our journey started with a vision to create the kind of company that offers the best employment screening solutions with fast turnaround times, cost effective pricing and compliant procedures.

We are now the highest Certified and Accredited Staff Vetting  and Pre Employment Screening company. National Vetting Solutions UK has further divisions covering all industries that require Pre-Employment Screening.

We are also able to carry out a full range of international checks in most countries and have full translation capabilities.


Our technology is key to ensuring the expected accuracy of information recorded and efficiency of processes are met to screen the applicants in a timely manner. Our technical solution allows the applicant to experience a smooth and easy transaction.

Highly Certified

We instil complete confidence in our clients and ensure that we work seamlessly alongside organisations with transparency and professionalism. We work to IS9001 and UKAS policies and procedure.

Management Information

You will access to full management information reports at a click of a button

We feel that it is extremely important that all MI Reports are accessible to all our clients, so they can have an internal reporting system showing the full progress on all their applicants.

Total Data Compliance

Our systems are regularly penetration tested, and our backups are on ISO27001 compliant secure servers

We are continuously ensuring that we test all of our disaster recovery protocols, to ensure that at any time we are able to maintain our commitment to our clients.

Risk Management

We feel that it is extremely important that all MI Reports are accessible to all our clients, so they can have an internal reporting system showing the full progress on all their applicants.

Complete audit trails are recorded at every step of the screening process, which are available for our clients to see on all the final completed screening reports.

International Vetting

We conduct staff checks from over 180 countries globally with a wide range of international screening checks with full translations services available

We are able to ensure that we can overcome language barriers in most countries, to ensure that all international checks are competed in a professional and timely manner.

Meet the senior team

Graham Johnson

Graham Johnson

Managing Director - Co Founder
Vivianne Johnson

Vivianne Johnson

Compliance Director - Co Founder

Jason Brown

Sales Director

Jason comes from many years in the Vetting Industry and has excelled in sales and now runs the sales team. He has a vast knowledge of screening and vetting to pass on.


Jenny Roper

Operations Director

Jenny Joined the company back in 2017. She did not come from a vetting background but has become a very valuable member of the team. In 2021 she was promoted to Director and runs all of the screening teams. She ensures the smooth running of all the vetting divisions.


Katie O’Connor

Head of Screening

Katie has been with candidate Vetting since 2017. she has proven to be a solid member of the team and now manages all the divisions within the company

Emma Tudge

Emma Tudge

Screening Manager

Emma comes with a wealth of background screening experience and solid management experience, she is dedicated to ensuring all the teams work to the best of their ability.


Laura Brown

Senior Compliance Officer

Laura started working with the company initially as a screening consultant back in 2018, she then moved over to the compliance team in 2020. She now runs the data team.

Zoe Black

Zoe Black

Senior Screening Consultant

Zoe joined us and clearly showed her ability to take on more senior positions within the company, she leads by example and helps any new members of the company to integrate within the process of staff vetting.

Hayley Bishop

Hayley Bishop

Senior Screening Consultant

Hayley joined the company in 2019 and has grown into a solid professional and reliable screening consultant, she proved her worth and was promoted in 2021 and now runs a team in the Team Software Division.

Naomi Jones

Naomi Jones

Senior Screening Consultant

Naomi joined the company in 2019 and was promoted to senior Screening Consultant in 2021, she is fun and bubbly and runs a team in the Security Screening Division. She is a big personality and ensures total professionalism within her team.