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National Vetting Solutions UK Ltd are a certified BS7858:2019 standard training centre, accredited by Skills for Security. This training course is aimed at Top Management, Screening Controllers and Screening Administrators as stated in the BS7858:2019 Code of Practice.

The course takes on average 2 hours to complete and can be saved at any time to complete at a later date.

Cost: £160 per person
Re-test: £80 per person

A fully Skills for Security Certified Course

British Standard 7858:2019 Training Exam

Scope of the BS7858:2019 Standard

This British Standard gives recommendations for the screening of individuals working in a secure environment where the security and/or safety of people, goods and services, data or property is a requirement of the employing organization’s operations and/or where such screening is in the public interest.

Although you may be outsourcing your security vetting to ourselves. We will ensure that all your line managers, and compliance or HR teams fully understand the standard.

The BS 7858:2019 standard online course covers the following; The importance of screening employees. What the requirements are within the BS7858:2019 standard. How to obtain the data needed for accurate screening. The relevant requirements of the Data Protection Act. An online Examination

Internal Company BS7858:2019 Administrator

An individual within an organisation engaged in controlling and auditing the incoming vetting files. The organisation should retain ultimate responsibility for the outsourced screening process and should review and audit the completed screening file in accordance with 7.7 in the BS7858:2019 standard.

Course materiel includes:

  • The specific reasons in line with BS7858:2019 standard.
  • The importance of screening employees.
  • Procedures relating to the BS7858:2019 standard
  • Necessary documentation in line with the BS7858:2019 standard
  • The relevant requirements of the Data Protection Act.
  • Legislation affecting the process
  • An online examination.

You will then be issued with a certified BS7858:2019 standard quality assurance certificate under the Skills for security sector.

NSI Silver Certified

National Vetting Solutions UK are SSAIB Certified

SSAIB Certified

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National Vetting Solutions UK are ICO Certified

Data Protection

BS7858 (2019) Standard Training

The course covers the full reasons behind the BS7858:2019 standard. The course will train your internal team policies and procedures and why it is used.

BS7858 (2019) Limited Screening

The course covers the full standard and reasons behind the Limited Screening within the BS7858:2019 standard.

Documents within the standard

The course will cover the full range of documentation that can be used with the BS7858:2019 standard. There are a vast range of documents that can be used.

Internal Audits

The standard is very clear that although you may be outsourcing your security vetting, it is the companies responsibility to audit the completed reports in line with SIA, ACS and NSI requirements.