Event stewarding and crowd safety (BS 8406:2020 standard)

Within 48 hours: This is the turnaround time for all Limited screenings

BS 8406:2020 Vetting Standard Compliance Guaranteed

Security BS8406:2020 Event Steward and Crowd Safety Screening concerns the vetting and Pre-Employment Screening of persons employed or to be employed in an environment where the security and safety of people, property or goods is a requirement of the employing organisation.

There are X 4 levels of standards and all.

  1. No Risk Village fete as an example (No screening)
  2. Low Risk – to BS7858:2019 standard with small changes
  3. Medium Risk – to BS7858:2019 standard
  4. High Risk – to BS7858:2019 standard

Firstly, it’s worth considering when it’s appropriate to deploy a non-licensed individual to stewarding duties. If the vetting isn’t to the standard above your insurances are not valid. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) indicates five very clear activity-exemptions from deploying licensed security operatives:

  • Responsibility for the health and safety and comfort of spectators within a designated area
  • Monitoring and maintaining the pedestrian flow at key locations e.g. entry and exit points.
  • Providing guidance and direction to visitors arriving by car or on foot, including the management of roadway crossings to ensure the safe passage of visitors over the roads
  • Reporting to a supervisor or safety officer any damage or defect which is likely to pose a threat to spectator ‘health and safety’ e.g. a damaged seat or barrier
  • Volunteering

Remember: if you don’t have your event steward to the BS8406 standard your insurances could be null in void

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Event Stewards standard and workflow

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1. Client invites applicant to complete the online vetting application

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3. Free dedicated support centre available to applicants

4. Client approves application form to be security vetted
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Overview of BS 8406 Event stewarding – Code of practice:

Events stewarding is a wide-ranging discipline and can encompass types of events that can range from relatively small community-based events to highly complex events that command attention from a global audience. Under the 2020 edition of BS 8406 Event stewarding – Code of practice, which came into effect on 31st August 2020 any organization (company, local authority, service provider, institution or individual) providing event stewarding and crowd safety services must assess, evaluate and document the level of risk for each individual engaged in event stewarding activities and complete pre-employment screening at the a level in accordance with the risk. The operational plan and risk assessments for each event should detail the level of risk for individuals engaged on the event and therefore define the level of pre-employment screening required for those individuals.

There are 4 levels of pre-employment screening defined by BS 8406:2020: